Dongguan Qinzhuo Environmental Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. has long-term research and development and production of high and low temperature test chambers, constant temperature and humidity test chambers, thermal and thermal shock test chambers and other environmental test equipment. It has also built the Qinzhuo brand in the long-term market accumulation.
Regarding the introduction of Qinzhuo brand high and low temperature test chambers, our company has six different high and low temperature test chambers, which are 80L / 150L / 225L / 408L / 800L / 1000L six different sizes of equipment. According to customer requirements, non-standard production of various types of high and low temperature test chamber.

In terms of temperature range, the lowest temperature can reach -70 ℃, and the highest temperature can reach ﹢ 150 ℃, which can meet the different testing requirements of various domestic models.
Our company has introduced a standardized production line from Germany with a large-scale standardized production workshop. Its output is leading the same industry in China, and it is the first to implement international standard production. Its parts are imported from different countries. For example, the control system is imported from Korea Sanyuan, and the compressor comes from Taikang France.
To purchase Qinzhuo brand high and low temperature test chambers, we provide free delivery service nationwide. At the same time, for some customers using the equipment for the first time, we arrange technical personnel to provide on-site service and provide detailed technical guidance on equipment installation and commissioning. Qinzhuo Environmental Testing Technology will serve you wholeheartedly.

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