UV ink, also known as UV ink, is the use of ultraviolet radiation of a certain wavelength, through the instantaneous photochemical reaction, so that the liquid UV ink becomes a solid ink.

UV inks have developed rapidly in the past 10 years and have entered a mature stage. They have also been recognized by the world as pollution-free inks.

UV inks are generally viewed and favored abroad, mainly because they have the following characteristics:

UV ink is safe and reliable, solvent-free, non-flammable, and environmentally friendly. It is used in packaging prints where food, beverages, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and other health requirements are high.

UV ink painting adaptability, high quality inkjet printing, printing process does not change the physical properties, non-volatile solvent, viscosity is not chaotic, strong ink, high clear dot, fine reproducibility, bright color ink, strong adhesion, suitable for fine products Printing.

UV ink can be instantaneously dried. It has high production efficiency and wide application range. It has good adhesion on paper, aluminum foil, plastic and other different printing carrier. The product can be stacked immediately after printing, and adhesion will not occur.

UV ink physical and chemical properties are excellent. The process of UV curing and drying is the photochemical reaction of UV ink, ie, the process of changing from a linear structure to a network structure, so it has many excellent physical and chemical properties such as water resistance, alcohol resistance, alcohol resistance, abrasion resistance, and aging resistance. This type of ink is not as good as it is.

UV ink consumption. Because there is no solvent volatilization, the effective composition is high, and nearly 100% can be converted into ink film. The amount is less than half that of ink or solvent ink, so the comprehensive cost is relatively low.

Based on the above characteristics, UV inks have significant advantages and development perspectives regardless of their perspectives on environmental protection and quality, and are still considered from the perspective of technological development.

UV inkjet technology in the promotion of the application from the current point of view there is a process. On the one hand, it is a further familiarity and understanding of UV technology. On the other hand, it is necessary to improve and perfect the equipment, light sources, supporting equipment, and process technologies. UV inks and their process technologies are still being perfected and new varieties and new equipment are emerging. All of these will promote the improvement of UV printing technology.

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