As long as a drop of blood is drawn from a lung cancer patient, after 2 hours, a change in the condition can be detected by a kit to provide assistance to the doctor's diagnosis. Tsinghua University announced yesterday morning that the research team led by Professor Luo Yongzhang of the School of Life Sciences found that heat shock protein 90α (Hsp90α) was a new tumor marker for the first time in the world. The heat shock 90α quantitative test kit independently developed by the school has also passed It has been verified by clinical trials and obtained the national third-class (highest level) medical device certificate and passed the EU certification.

According to reports, this blood testing method will be more economical and convenient than traditional CT testing methods, but pricing procedures have not yet been completed.

Tumor markers

The higher the content of heat shock protein 90α, the stronger the malignancy of the tumor

Luo Yongzhang, a professor at Tsinghua University, introduced that by revealing the presence or quantitative changes of tumor markers, it can prompt the nature of the tumor, help doctors diagnose and treat the tumor, and to a certain extent solve the problem of current cancer patients discovering late disease and high mortality before tumor metastasis. .

After years of research by the research group, Luo Yongzhang and others found that the secreted heat shock protein Hsp90α can promote tumor invasion and metastasis, and its blood content is positively correlated with tumor malignancy, that is, the higher the tumor malignancy, the more the content of Hsp90α Gao, "This discovery provides a potential target for cancer treatment."

On this basis, Luo Yongzhang's research team cooperated with the biotechnology company to overcome a series of technical problems, and successfully developed the Hsp90α quantitative detection kit.

At present, this quantitative test kit has obtained the national third category (highest category) medical device certificate, and passed the EU certification, and can enter the domestic and EU markets.

Luo Yongzhang introduced that, according to the principle, only a drop of blood is needed, and the Hsp90α content can be detected through the quantitative detection kit. The product can be used in various hospitals and the cost is not high. It was originally planned to be launched this year, but the pricing procedure has not been completed. They are actively promoting relevant procedures with relevant departments.

Detection kit

Using blood test with high accuracy is more economical than CT

Can the Hsp90α quantitative test kit be used for early screening of cancer?

Yesterday, Luo Yongzhang told the Beijing News reporter that he hoped to get this conclusion, but at present, by examining any single tumor marker, it is impossible to determine whether the patient has a tumor. You need to check the tumor slice to determine. However, he said that he has completed clinical trials of lung cancer in eight domestic top three hospitals, including the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and proved that by detecting the content of Hsp90α, it can help doctors monitor the patient's condition and evaluate the diagnosis and treatment.

Shi Yuankai, deputy director of the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, confirmed that the clinical trials conducted by the hospital showed that the average Hsp90α content in the blood of lung cancer patients is much higher than that of benign lung lesions and ordinary people; accordingly, the Hsp90α content in patients with advanced lung cancer , Higher than patients with early lung cancer. "When the average Hsp90α of the patient changes by more than 34%, it means that the tumor has developed."

Shi Yuankai said that according to the results, the diagnostic accuracy of Hsp90α is higher than that of the traditional lung cancer tumor markers carcinoembryonic antigen and cytokeratin. "Using this blood test is more economical and convenient than having patients do CT multiple times. "

At present, clinical trials using Hsp90α to detect other tumors such as liver cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and colorectal cancer are also expected to be completed within one year.

â–  Explanation of terms

Tumor markers

Luo Yongzhang introduced that tumor markers are a class of substances that reflect the existence of tumors, and their content in tumor patients far exceeds that of healthy people. They are an important auxiliary method for tumor diagnosis, prognosis and treatment guidance. In 2011, the National Cancer Institute announced 31 products worldwide that were specifically used for cancer detection, of which 17 were blood-tested, all of which were discovered and defined by foreign scientists. So far, there are no tumor signs independently discovered by China. The substance is widely used and recognized in the clinic.

Heat shock protein

According to reports, heat shock proteins (HSPs) are a type of protein with molecular chaperone properties formed by cells under the stimulation of certain environmental factors or stress conditions, and are widely found in various types from bacteria to mammals. Cells. Human heat shock protein 90α (Hsp90α) is an important member of the heat shock protein family. In 1989, foreign experts first reported the gene sequence of Hsp90α, confirming the identity of the protein. In 1992, foreign scientists discovered that Hsp90α can be secreted by tumor cells to the outside of the cell, but its secretion control mechanism remains unclear for a long time thereafter.

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