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Evaluation time November 7, 2012

Evaluation brand TOTO

Evaluation product TOTO bathroom CES9432CS integrated intelligent electronic toilet with TCF4721CS warm water flush electronic toilet cover

Product material ceramics, imported resin

Product specifications 725 * 405 * 638mm

Reference price 30,000 yuan / set

Evaluation details

【Product specification parameters】


The TOTO integrated smart toilet CES9432CS has a compact and simple design with sleek and smooth lines. With the TCF4721CS smart toilet lid, the powerful functions are concentrated into this small volume, which saves space and highlights advanced technology. This toilet uses TOTO's unique 3D super vortex flushing method, with a choice of 3 / 4.5L water volume, which is far lower than the national water-saving standard and has powerful water-saving flushing.

【3D super swirling flushing technology】

The vortex water flow maximizes the flushing power of the water flow, strong, clean and quiet. 3 Water outlet design, the water outlet layer is strengthened, creating a three-dimensional vortex effect like a tornado, and a small amount of water can also have a large effect.

The original single-injection wide-flow jet continues to swirl for several weeks along the edgeless inner wall. The vortex accelerates down, while flushing the toilet vigorously, while maintaining a quiet flushing environment to achieve a breakthrough in flushing quality. The new edgeless inner edge shape makes cleaning easier and more convenient.

【Nano Zhijie Technology】

The toilet glaze uses TOTO's innovative ceramic glaze. The surface is smooth and translucent. The ultra-smooth surface beyond the nanoscale does not allow dirt to contain spaces, making them difficult to adhere. It is easy to clean so as to avoid the use of too much water and detergent, while reducing secondary pollution and making it more environmentally friendly and healthy.

[Glaze stain resistance test]

The toilet is a ceramic product, and the quality of the glaze outside the ceramic is very important. The well-glazed toilet bowl is smooth, detailed, and free of flaws. It can still be as smooth as new after repeated rinsing. If the quality of the glaze is not good, it is easy to make dirt hang on the walls of the toilet.

The shopping guide took out an experiment box with common ceramic glaze and TOTO's Zhijie glaze on the market, and painted on both sides with a pencil. Obviously, TOTO's glaze is more difficult to leave pencil carbon powder. , This shows that TOTO's glaze is smoother and more detailed than ordinary products.

【Fouling test】

The comparison of the results of the two family of four after seven years of use. The dirt rinse test showed that because of the special glaze used on the surface coating, the toilet of TOTO Zhijie technology is more resistant to erosion.

【Large sewage pipe】

The sewage pipe adopted by CES9432CS is an L-shaped large-diameter sewage pipe, which is matched with the 3D super vortex flushing method to make the flushing and sewage more powerful and avoid the trouble of pipeline clogging.

[Other humanized details design]

The TOTO integrated smart toilet CES9432CS has two openings on both sides of the barrel body to cover the opening, which is to facilitate daily inspection and maintenance in the future.

【Power off treatment of smart toilet】

Many consumers may ask that smart toilets need to be plugged in. If there is a power outage at home, how do they flush the water? With this in mind, the TOTO integrated smart toilet CES9432CS adds a physical pull ring switch on the back of the barrel, which can be used to complete the flushing operation when the power is off.

【TCF4721CS warm water flush electronic toilet lid】

The smart toilet cover that is matched with the integrated smart toilet CES9432CS is the TCF4721CS warm water flush electronic toilet cover, and is also the leader of the intelligent function performance of the toilet. The compact design and shape perfectly match the CES9432CS toilet, and the TOTO wash Li series of washing technology, electrolyzed water technology, automatic induction technology and other intelligent cleaning technologies.

The water pipe connected with the nozzle of the smart toilet is relatively independent of the flushing water pipe to ensure cleanliness.

【Remote operation】

We can understand the functions of the TCF4721CS smart toilet cover from the control panel of the remote control. As you can see in the figure below, the rectangular remote control uses touch screen operation. The center of the panel is distributed with the stop button, hip cleaning, lower body cleaning, air drying, Nozzle sterilization and personality settings and other function keys, while the gradient bars on both sides are used to control the position of the nozzle and the water potential and water volume. The function key settings are more detailed, and the specific operation is relatively convenient.

【Electrolytic water intelligent cleaning technology】

Water electrolysis technology

TOTO Washlet series products are specially added with electrolyzed water technology, without adding any pharmaceutical products, only relying on electrolysis technology, ordinary tap water can be transformed into electrolyzed water with sterilization effect, and the chloride in the water is electrolyzed into hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid has the effects of sterilization, decomposition and bleaching. After use, due to the instability of hypochlorous acid, the electrolyzed water is automatically reduced to ordinary tap water without any impact on the environment. Electrolyzed water has a strong bactericidal power, but it does not have any adverse effects on the human body. In Japan, electrolytic water is widely used in the food processing industry and is a kind of sterilized water that can be used.

Nozzle automatic cleaning, keep clean at all times

In order to ensure clean and safe use, the nozzle will be self-cleaned before and after use, and the nozzle's unique anti-fouling coating will ensure that the nozzle is always clean. In addition, no matter before or after use, the nozzle will spray out water-like electrolyzed water to perform a complete sterilization cleaning on the inner wall of the toilet, even when the toilet has not been used for a long time (more than 8 hours), the water is automatically electrolyzed The cleaning function will also be turned on, keeping the toilet seat and nozzle clean and hygienic at all times.

【4 washing methods are available】

Wash the buttocks: After going to the toilet, the nozzle sprays warm water and replaces the paper wipes with water to complete the cleaning work after the toilet.

Gentle washing: spraying water to reduce the impact of the water flow, the soft water flow gently cleans the buttocks, which is more comfortable.

Wash the lower body: a stream of water mixed with bubbles, gentle and gentle, care for women's health.

Lower body care washing: comprehensively clean the female lower body, the washing range is wider, the water flow is softer, and special care is given on special days.

The water temperature, water potential and nozzle position can be adjusted according to personal preference. The nozzle will clean itself before and after each use, to ensure the clean use of the nozzle, worry-free and healthier. As long as a button can be extended, no need to manually pull out the nozzle, cleaning work is easier.

【Humanized and comfortable design】

The TCF4721CS toilet seat cover material uses imported resin, which has a good texture. Under the light, it glows like the main ceramic glaze. Compared with the cheaper PVC material toilet seat, the resin material is not easy to age and yellow. In addition, the toilet seat has a thermal insulation function, avoiding the cold discomfort of the toilet seat when used in winter. The toilet seat is not only matched with washing and drying with warm air, but also intelligently deodorized, which is more comfortable to use.

【Convenient and Intelligent Design】

The intelligent toilet lid has an infrared thermal system. When a person is close to 80cm, the toilet seat and toilet lid can automatically open and close. It is more convenient and comfortable to use. The buffered damped toilet lid prevents the noise from being hit hard by the barrel. In addition to using the remote control, you can also use the simple case on the side of the toilet to complete common operations.

【Other details design】

There is a display indicator on the top of the smart toilet lid, and the working status is clear at a glance. In addition, if you are not going to use it for a long time, you can drain the water in the water tank through the drain hole on the side of the water tank to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Evaluation summary

The TOTO integrated smart toilet CES9432CS introduced this time is compact and sleek in shape, and is equipped with the TCF4721CS smart toilet cover, which integrates various smart technologies in one. First of all, the ceramic part of the toilet is made of nano-smart glaze, which is not only anti-fouling and easy to clean, but also more durable; secondly, the 3D super vortex flushing method, with 3 / 4.5L water volume selection, water saving is more powerful; in addition, smart The electrolyzed water technology possessed by the toilet seat can convert ordinary tap water into electrolyzed water with sterilization effect, enriching the washing function instead of toilet paper to give people a more convenient and hygienic cleaning function. Compared with the general smart toilet cover, the function is more intelligent and humanized.

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