With the development of the economy, China has become a world furniture manufacturing country. The country has achieved unprecedented development in the industry, especially since the 1990s, the furniture industry has created a miracle of sustained and rapid development. In 1983, there were more than 3,400 furniture companies in China, employing 360,000 people, and the total output value of furniture was 2.2 billion yuan. After 30 years of leaps and bounds development, by 2013, China had only more than 60,000 furniture companies, employing more than one million people, and the total output value of furniture was about 330 billion yuan.

Shangpu Consulting Industry analyst pointed out that at present, China's furniture industry, mainly the mid-to-high-end furniture industry is facing rapid development.

First of all, people's income and living standards continue to rise. With the acceleration of the pace of reform and opening up and the continuous improvement of the people's material and cultural living standards and the rapid development of the interior decoration industry, people's requirements for the style, grade and quality of furniture products are attached to the living environment, living and working space conditions. With continuous improvement and strengthening, the demand for medium and high-end products will increase. The high-income class whose monthly income is more than 5,000 yuan, their furniture consumption is about 300 yuan / year, the required furniture pays attention to taste, mainly chooses imported and domestic high-end furniture; the middle-income class accounts for about 70% of the urban population, per capita The annual consumption of furniture is 150 yuan left stone, and consumption prefers mid-range solid wood furniture.

Second, the tertiary industry and the real estate industry are developing rapidly. Due to the development of the tertiary industry and the rise of the real estate industry, tens of millions of square meters of office buildings and public buildings are completed every year, requiring a large number of different types of furniture, especially office workers. At the same time, with the rise of modern office methods, the old office chairs have entered the renewal period. Therefore, the mid-to-high-end office furniture will increase dramatically in the next few years, and the three series of products such as the guest series, conference series and office series are promising. It is predicted that sales of office furniture will rise to 25-30% of the total sales of furniture in the near future. The consumption scale of various group furniture such as newly built factories, office buildings, hotels, schools and shopping malls is about 30 billion yuan per year.

Again, children's furniture consumption is heating up. There are about 200 million children and adolescents in China. With the continuous improvement of housing conditions for urban residents, children's furniture has become one of the hot spots in the furniture market. Nowadays, the only child in many urban families has a home. Most parents want to buy mid-range children's furniture such as bedclothes, writing desks and bookcases for their children. According to incomplete statistics, the sales of children's furniture has accounted for 18.8% of the total sales of children's furniture. The per capita consumption of children's furniture is about 60 yuan. Therefore, children's furniture suitable for children of different ages and heights from three to sixteen years old will have a broad market.

According to the "2011-2016 China Furniture Industry Analysis In-depth Research Report" released by Shangpu Consulting, there are many varieties of medium and low-end furniture in China's furniture market, and there is a situation of oversupply, and high-end furniture can not meet market demand. The domestic production of high-end furniture is insufficient. From the processing methods, the technical level of workers and the supply of raw and auxiliary materials, the conditions for producing high-grade furniture cannot be met. Many high-end furniture sold in China are imported. At present, the production of medium and high-grade furniture is growing, and low-grade products with poor quality gradually withdraw from the market.

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