Recently, according to media reports, the European Union has successfully used the large amount of wastewater discharged from the juice beverage processing industry to develop degradable plastic technology and production processes.

The European Union ’s seventh R & D framework plan (FP7) provides 3 million euros and a total R & D investment of 4.2 million euros. It is composed of 5 EU member states Spain (general coordination), the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Belgium and Portugal, and 4 Latin American countries Mexico, Honduras The European PHBOTTLE R & D team composed of Brazilian and Argentine scientists. Since March 2012, it has been devoted to the research and development of organic matter extraction technology and production technology for fruit juice processing waste and wastewater. Up to now, a large amount of waste water discharged from the fruit juice beverage processing industry has been successfully used to develop low-cost, degradable plastic technology and production processes that comply with EU green standards. "Wool comes from sheep", innovative degradable plastics can be widely used in the packaging of fruit juice products.

The EU beverage and food packaging materials industry is one of the most obvious energy and resource waste industries. The annual production demand for packaging materials reaches 67 million tons, not to mention energy resources consumption. Most of these packaging materials pose a serious threat to the ecological environment. The wastewater discharged from the modern fruit juice beverage processing industry is rich in a high proportion of fermentable sugars such as glucose, fructose and maltose. Fermentable sugars account for more than 70% of the concentration of organic matter in wastewater, making it an ideal and cheap raw material resource for biodegradable biopolymers (PHB). PHBOTTLE R & D team successfully developed biopolymer beverage bottles or food packaging materials. Its superior characteristics such as mechanical strength, easy scale processing, water resistance and steam and water insolubility resistance have been repeatedly tested and verified, including Food stability, safety and quality of new material packaging during storage of beverages and food. To be sure, degradable biopolymers are currently the most perfect beverage and food packaging materials in the world.

The scientific and technical personnel of the PHBOTTLE R & D team believe that the “five in one” innovative technology that integrates cheap raw material resources of biopolymers, effectively reduces the discharge of organic pollutants in wastewater, reduces energy and resource consumption, slows down the greenhouse gas effect and improves the economic and social benefits of enterprises And the production process will further promote the sustainable development of the green economy in the European Union and the world. Currently, the R & D team is working on other potential applications of new materials, mainly focusing on the development and application of cosmetics and auto parts.

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