As energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction and low-carbon economy have become a long-term national policy of the country, a number of new industries with rapid development have emerged. For example, wind power, nuclear power, smart grids, high-speed trains, and rail transportation, these industries are huge market growth points for the ultraviolet weather resistance test chamber.

The globalization of the world economy has led to fiercer competition in the domestic market. The Chinese market has become a global hotspot. Famous foreign instrumentation companies have stepped up their efforts to enter the market, ranging from simple sales to foundry, from wholly-owned production to the establishment of R & D centers. The continuous deepening of the process has enhanced the competitiveness, and the competitive advantages of domestic enterprises are gradually disappearing.

In recent years, the ultraviolet weather resistance test chamber has begun to develop from more mature data processing to knowledge processing, making its functions develop to a higher level. With the rapid development of microelectronics, computers, networks and communication technologies and the continuous improvement of comprehensive automation, smart meters currently widely used in the field of industrial automation will usher in great development.

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