Teach you 3 minutes to complete the convenient eyebrows + thrush

Since many girls don't know what kind of eyebrows they should draw, they simply go to the beauty salon to let others repair them. But if the eyebrows are messy, it is too time-consuming and laborious to go to the beauty salon. And thrush technology is the last word.
In fact, as long as you grasp the focus of the eyebrows, the seemingly complicated movements of eyebrows and thrushes will become very simple. In just 3 minutes or so, you will be able to repair the standard eyebrows yourself.

Very practical 3 minutes convenient eyebrows + thrush

Wild eyebrow shape: The picture above is similar to the new moon eyebrow, that is, the eyebrow shape of Liumei is the most ideal eyebrow shape for women. The facials are representative of reason, rich in feelings, easy to get love, have fortune, and are very good with all kinds of faces. Repairing this eyebrow will definitely not go wrong.

Tips for eyebrow shaping: Do not fix one side while trimming the eyebrows. It is best to trim the other side alternately. When trimming, observe the symmetry of the eyebrows on both sides of the mirror at any time, so as to keep the two sides consistent.

Very practical 3 minutes convenient eyebrows + thrush

Key position 1: Eyebrow

If the eyebrows are picked up, or diagonally upwards, there will be an effect of growing the face, which gives people a lively, active mood, but if there is too much, there will be an impression of anger. The correct way is to repair the slightly downward eyebrows, shortening the length of the face, feeling quiet, elegant, and feminine, but excessively inclined will make you look sad and sad.

Step1: Select the eyebrow pencil close to the eyebrow color, and start to trace the eyebrows at the position after the eyebrow. The last position of the eyebrow is slightly 3mm-5mm higher than the brow.

Step2: Remove the hairs other than the traced eyebrows by sticking the eyebrows with a special eyebrow.

Very practical 3 minutes convenient eyebrows + thrush

Key part 2: Meifeng

The position of the eyebrows is determined: the eyebrow pencil is placed on the outside of the abdomen and drawn to the outside of the pupil, and the intersection of the eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow is the eyebrow peak.

The standard eyebrow is 1/3 of the distance from the eyebrow to the brow. The eyebrows are in the center, the brows are steep and the lines are strong, and the expression is strong, which has the effect of increasing the length of the face. The eyebrows are close to the eyebrows, and the face is wide, so the position of the eyebrows should not be too close to the eyebrows.

Step3: Use a brow powder that is darker than the skin to brush the two brows. Create a shadow to make the bridge look more straight and straight.

Step4: Brush the eyebrow gel along the growth direction of the eyebrow pencil. In addition to fixing the eyebrow shape, it can make the eyebrows look sharper and more lustrous.

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