Suspended assembly floor is a kind of floor for sports venues. Its main material is polypropylene (PP). Originated in the United States in 1974. As its name implies, its main features are: "floating" and "assembling." At first, it entered the people's life as a building material for leisure venues. Later, with the wide application and love of sports, people hope that this material can also be used in sports venues.

Suspended assembling sports floor advantages:

1. Can use the minimum initial investment cost to create the best sports, leisure activity space, zero maintenance fees.

2. Compared with hard ground, it has good safety, shock absorption, resilience, and can fully play its sportiness.

3. Beautiful, durable, low price, and a variety of colors and styles to choose from.


Use range:

Basketball, tennis, volleyball, indoor football, dry ice hockey, handball, badminton, table tennis, kindergarten, entertainment plaza, playroom, park, elderly activity venues, etc., can be applied only on the ground or cement floor.

High durability

Extremely high weather resistance, not afraid of the sun high temperature, rain and humidity, snow and ice cold, never warping and peeling deformation. Applicable all-weather, no climate zone restrictions, all seasons can be used throughout the site is not water, heat reflection is low.

High cost performance

Suspended assembled sports flooring is currently the most cost-effective product in its class, and it is the best choice for all kinds of sports venues for its low investment, low maintenance, high grade and quick effect.

Good mobility

The ergonomic shape design of the floor surface ergonomics makes the sliding coefficient the best value, enabling athletes to have better mobility and provide professional skills for starting, jumping, gliding, braking, etc. Flexible structure.


1. The latest wear-resistant layer design, so that the soles of the ground at all times close to the ground, non-slip and can transmit as much as you want.

2. The surface layer of the floor is specially treated, conforms to the luminosity, does not absorb light and reflects glare, and can better protect the eyes of athletes, and is not prone to fatigue.

3. Humanized design combination, unique site color, non-slip and strong response power, scratch-resistant matte layer, new technology developed buffer layer to provide reliable protection for sports health, for professional athletes, ordinary fitness people Providing superior motion buffer protection can minimize the damage of the athletes, allowing you to enjoy the success in the sports arena.

Easy to install

The installation is quick and the floor is connected with the male buckle and the female buckle. In order to make the two adjacent floors more closely together after installation, the rubber hammer is used to knock the floor joints during installation. No glue and any nails are required. When there are four people, usually In less than three hours, the site can be paved or lifted.

Easy to clean

Just rinse with water, without any negative effects

long life

Applicable to a long life of ten years, do not fade or deformation. The paint used for the site marking shall be coated with special paint for the polypropylene surface and shall not fall off.

Environmental protection

This product meets the national environmental product quality supervision and inspection center testing standards. And with high-tech anti-bacterial function, non-toxic, odorless, green, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-oxidation, cold resistance and other characteristics, apply to the suspension assembly and operation of the floor is your exercise space more safe and healthy.

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