Shanghai Bilang Talking about Operation Instructions and Matters of Snow Ice Machine

How to use Snow Ice Machine:

1. Remove the outer packaging of the snowflake ice machine, and take out the attached file bag, water inlet pipe, drain pipe, ice spoon and other accessories from the storage refrigerator.

2. Place the ice machine in a well-ventilated place, keeping a distance of 150mm from the wall and away from heat sources. Make sure the machine is placed smoothly.

3. Connect the attached Ñ„12 soft plastic corrugated drainage pipe to the outlet pipe at the back of the machine, and place the other end in the sewer mouth.

4. Connect one end of the random inlet water pipe to the tap of the tap water supply pipe, and the other end to the threaded joint of the water valve on the back of the ice machine. Note that when connecting, seal rings must be placed at both ends of the water inlet pipe (random matching)

5. Unscrew the water tap to ensure smooth flow of the water inlet pipe.

6. Plug in the power plug and press the rocker switch above the operation panel. At this time, the ice machine starts to work. The ice machine implements automatic continuous ice making from water intake → ice making → dehydration → ice storage. If the amount of ice in the refrigerator reaches a certain level, the ice-full light on the operation panel will light, and the ice machine will only stop. The ice machine shuts down.

Notes for Snow Ice Machine:

1. Snowflake ice machine is not allowed to start continuously regardless of the reasons for compressor (water shortage, excessive ice, power failure, etc.), and it must be restarted every 5 minutes to avoid damage to the compressor!

2. Regularly check the inlet and outlet pipe joints in order to deal with a small amount of residual water that may leak!

3. When making ice and crushing ice, you should drain off the remaining water in the liner, dry the refrigerator liner with a clean cloth, unscrew the drain connector cover on the back of the box to drain off the remaining water in the water tank, and tighten Sewage connector cover!

4. When the ambient temperature drops below O ℃, there is a possibility of freezing, and drainage must be performed to drain the water, otherwise the inlet pipe may be broken!

5. Unplug the power plug when cleaning, checking, and not using the ice machine for more than a week.

6. The drain pipe should be checked 1 to 2 times a year to prevent blockage.

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