You can see all kinds of stovepipe creams on the market or in advertisements. Most of these creams are synthesized with chemicals. These chemicals are very irritating to the skin itself. Long-term use can cause hair follicle inflammation and skin pus Sores and so on. Let's try a healthy stovepipe recipe.

The first trick: coarse salt radish cream

Material: white radish, coarse salt

Role: girls with calf edema and obesity

Production: Wash and peel the white radish, put the radish skin into the juicer and squeeze it into a mud, and cut the radish evenly into a cylinder. Evenly spread the radish skin juice on the calf, use the cylindrical radish as a massage stick, and take some coarse salt to draw a circle on the calf to massage. The action should be slightly gentle, because the coarse salt particles are larger, so as not to dampen the skin.

Mechanism: White radish contains a lot of crude fiber and mustard oil, which is a natural component to eliminate edema and water. The fiber in the radish skin is more abundant, and the sex is mild and non-irritating. The coarse salt is used to increase the friction and make the fat burning effect of the circle massage better. Every day after bathing, massage for 5-10 minutes, half a month can be 3-5 cm thin legs, magical effect.

The second measure: mixed stovepipe cream

Material: olive oil, salt, baby cream

Role: for girls with complex leg obesity

Production: Take three spoonfuls of olive oil and a spoonful of half salt, a spoonful of half baby cream, the three are evenly mixed, must be fully stirred, otherwise the effect is not good after application. The mixed stovepipe cream is relatively thin, so take less massage and apply the entire leg evenly. After smoothing, massage with your fingertips, first draw a circle 20 times on the calf's calf, and then lift it 20 times from the ankle. The thigh is massaged in a circular cross with the hands of the tiger's mouth, 30 times each.

Mechanism: In fact, this stovepipe cream mainly uses salt to eliminate edema and burn fat. Adding olive oil and baby cream is for the convenience of massage and improving fat burning effect. The second is to ensure skin nutrition and moisture, so that the legs Not only is it thinner, but it is also white and moist. This method should be used before bathing so that it can be washed without repeated cleaning. For a month, even if it is a stubborn muscle fat leg, you can lose about 10 centimeters. Try it quickly.

The third measure: pepper stovepipe cream

Material: green pepper, a little salt, plastic wrap

Role: for girls with more thighs

Production: Wash the green pepper to the heart, cut into small pieces and put it into the juicer. If the skin is sensitive, the girl can choose the spicy pepper which is not very high, but the effect of the green pepper is better. After the chili sauce is squeezed, put a little salt and mix well. Spread the chili sauce on the part that needs to be burned with a small spoon. Spread evenly and wrap it in plastic wrap for 20-40 minutes.

Mechanism: Natural capsaicin is slower than chemicals, so you may not feel a burning sensation at first, but the feeling of fat burning occurs over time and is getting stronger. Green pepper is not only rich in spicy, but also contains VC and VE. This is a magic weapon for whitening skin. Therefore, sticking to this method every night before going to bed, you can lose 8-12 cm of thighs in one month to create a sexy white and tender. Beautiful legs.

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