Patent name A simple top cap opener Patent applicant Shencheng main applicant address 062150 Inventor Zhang Xiu Road, No.46 Zaoshi Street, Botou City, Hebei Province; Shencheng Application (Patent) No. 200420016604.7 Date of application 2004.08.05 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 2727082 Auditing announcement date 2005.09.21 Manual CD-ROM D0538 Main classification number B65D41/34 Classification number B65D41/34 Sub-item Original application number Priority claim Abstract This utility model relates to a simple top-opening bottle cap, and the thread of the bottle and body are threaded The connected bottle cap, the bottle stopper disposed in the bottle mouth, and the bottle stopper cover arranged on the bottle stopper constitute an open cover body on the bottle cap and rotates the bottle cap downward, and the stopper cap can open the opening cover body. The utility model is mainly composed of a bottle cap and a plastic bottle stopper and a bottle stopper cap arranged in the bottle mouth. The structure is relatively simple. The bottle cap is rotated downward, and the stopper cap can be used to open the opening cap body on the bottle cap. Remove the stopper to remove the wine, which is very easy to operate. Sovereignty item 1. A simple top-opening cap characterized by a bottle cap (2) threadedly connected to the bottle body (1), a stopper (3) provided inside the bottle mouth, and a stopper (3) The stopper cap (4) on the bottle cap (2) is provided with an opening cover body (5), and the bottle cover (2) is rotated downwards, and the stopper cover (4) can open the cover body (5) Top open. International Application International Publication Entering Country Date Patent Agency Shijiazhuang New Century Patent & Trademark Office Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Dong Jinguo

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