Professor Zhang Risheng, Beijing Normal University, Research and Application Center for Sandplay Therapy

Sandbox game case: Group sandbox game to accompany autistic children

Kobayashi is a weird, non-gregarious, non-talking boy. When Mom and Dad sent him to my consultation room, he hid timidly behind his dad and refused to come out to see Teacher Liu for a long time.

I tried to talk to my parents, while grinding the sand with my hands, letting it slip through the cracks of my fingers, cool, thin, scattered, scattered on the blue On the table of the colored sand table, it looks like a small flower spread out, and it is naturally shaped. Xiao Lin gradually approached the sand table and inadvertently began to immerse himself in the creation of his sand table works.

Obviously, I found that he was different from Other visiting children. He was holding a car model in his hand and began to go crazy in the wet sand sea, turning around circle by circle until my car model Che Qiang lost his mind without knowing it, completely immersed in his own world. I didn't say anything, silently observing every small movement of the child. It wasn't until the other partners of the group's sand table class came that he stopped the car under the dissuasion of his mother. It can be seen that the pressure of this child in school and among his peers is quite great.

What needs to be explained here is: when the visitor "plays" in the sand table, it is when he uses the sand table and the sand table mold to construct his image or situation in the sand table. This is a kind of psychology under the guidance of the unconscious The process begins and develops, which is what we call "spiritual journey".

This spiritual journey is wonderful and magical. When Kobayashi was sitting timidly on the stool, waiting for the sandbox to cooperate with his classmates, he showed a sense of embarrassment, at a loss and some excitement, and a little restlessness. I didn't say anything, it was enough to give him a gentle look and an amiable smile. In the sand table game work, the sand table instructor maintains a moderate tension, which is very helpful to stimulate the internal strength of the human body.

Most of the people who come here to do the sand table are children who have worked with me more than a dozen times. They come to vent, release pressure and relieve emotions after a week of intense learning pressure. They are looking for in unconscious sand table games. Children who improve their ability to transform themselves. The main training objectives are: obeying the rules, learning to unite and cooperate, changing bad habits such as timelessness, and improving bad interpersonal skills and language skills. We do n’t have to repeat the basic rules anymore, we have written them on the wall and carried them in our hearts. Most students have already done a good job in understanding and experiencing tolerance.

Before the game started, we learned the fable story of unity and cooperation, made a brainstorming commitment program, and drawn the numbers in order. The children looked forward to the official start of the week ’s sandbox game.

At first, Kobayashi didn't realize what he was doing, why did he choose one or the other kind of toys. But with the deepening of the game, Xiaolin ’s unconsciousness is no longer conscious of what he wants to show? Why did he do this? After two rounds, Xiaolin suddenly created his big earthquake action, desperate to dig tunnels for his students , Shapo, and the river are all destroyed. Put flowers and green grass according to your own ideas and devour other students ’labor results in violation of the regulations. A beautiful picture of cooperation became the 512 earthquake in the blink of an eye. The ruins of the disaster area.

The students in the group's sand table were stunned, surprised, and dissatisfied. Then they accepted that he was a new classmate and suffered his sabotage. Some people carefully repaired the place where Kobayashi destroyed. But it was Kobayashi's turn to play, and his actions were even crazier, and the post-robin work was terrible.

The third time; when it was Kobayashi ’s turn to do the sand table, I found that he seemed to feel something this time. He would look at his classmates when he moved the sand tools, and he made adjustments within a small range that he circled. He will clear it completely, and he will look up at the classmates when he moves the objects placed by the classmates, and will smile embarrassedly;

The fourth time, there was no more destruction, just a small river ditch grabbed by hand, and a link bridge was placed ...

All the production activities were completed in his one-acre three-point plot, and his position in the sand table production twice before and after has hardly changed.


After the activity, I connected my child's parents, and they told me that the child is suffering from autism, language development is slow, there is no interpersonal communication, and there is no perception of external things.

I said, wrong! According to my observation, the child's heart is eager to be recognized, praised, and praised. When he participated in the "Star of Today" of our democratic elections, as long as some classmates voted for him, he would raise his head when he heard his name, and then smile secretly and embarrassedly, I feel his inner strength, feeling When he could change his momentum.

Looking at my mother's eyes, helplessness, anxiety, and anxiety, I promised to take over this personality and special child. I will use sandbox games to adjust the children's interpersonal skills in the team, and at the same time to improve the children in the sharing of works The language expression ability, the adjustment plan has been designed, and I look forward to Xiaolin's half-year time to have a breakthrough change in his spiritual journey.

After the two group sandboxes passed, my mother said: Kobayashi now buys delicious food and will take the initiative to let her take a sip; no longer squat alone in the corner of the classroom; she also took the initiative to watch the teacher listen to the class for a while. . This is hope! Who said we are "humane and don't understand anything"? Looking forward to Kobayashi's greater transformation, this will bring hope to many parents and children of autism and Asperger syndrome of!

I want to say: Everyone has creativity when they are children, and the source of creativity exists in the unconscious. When the sandbox game starts to activate a person ’s internal self-healing mechanism and energy flow function, and starts to communicate with the unconscious, It can help us connect consciousness and unconsciousness, and naturally let our lost creativity regain vitality. This is the charm of sand table games!


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