1. The workpiece clamping should be firm. Increase the clamping force of the vise to apply the long sleeve. Do not use the iron hammer to tap the wrench.

2. The cutter must not be extended too long, the planer should be fixed, and the tool should not be placed on the workbench.

3. Adjust the bull's head stroke so that the tool does not touch the workpiece, shake it by hand, and go through the whole test. No people are allowed to stand before or after the slide.

4. After the machine tool is adjusted, remove the rocker handle.

5. During the planing process, the head and hands should not be inspected before the front of the vehicle. Do not use cotton yarn to wipe the workpiece and the rotating part of the machine. The front of the car is not stable and the workpiece must not be measured.

This category includes some different types of Blending Brushes such as Tapered Blending Brush, Duo Blending Brush, Mini Tapered Blending Brush and Fluffy Blending Brush. Each brush head is designed slightly different to let you detailedly define your eyes. For example, you can use the duo blending brush to blend and diffuse eyeshadow throughout the crease. And the tapered Blending Brush will help you get very precise and detailed eye looks.

Basic Eye Blending Brush

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