In 2013, the home building materials market was a year of expectation in the industry. However, from the sales situation in the first half of the year, it is still not optimistic. The country's real estate control policies have been continuously deepened and strengthened, so that potential consumers of “rigid demand” of real estate are still waiting and watching. The actual purchasing power of building materials and homes is relatively low, and demand cannot maintain sales growth. In addition, various factors such as the tendency of home stores to become saturated have affected the sales of home building materials.

In the first half of the year, the Jinan home building materials market, the Oriental homes Jinan two stores closed, enough to see the cruelty of market competition. The distributors of building materials and homes can be described as a loose sand, out of the home store, each fighting, and some alliances with a number of brands to form an alliance, regularly to the hotel for promotion. This kind of short-term promotion can not be a long-term development plan for enterprises. It is a behavior that the market is in a downturn. If enterprises want to develop for a long time, they need to improve sales channels and after-sales services. The overall marketing of home stores is still necessary. Marketing channels.

In the first half of the year, various home furnishing stores in Jinan continued to hold promotional activities, such as “President’s signing” and “Night Field” and other promotional activities, trying hard to find ways for the industry to make money, and some home stores to reduce rent to support the development of the industry, in a depressed market environment. It is not easy to have the responsibility of “community with the industry”.

For home stores, the pressure is even greater. In the sales channel, the rise of e-commerce has become unstoppable. With the continuous upgrading of electronic network technology and the continuous improvement of modern logistics distribution, it will have a greater impact on existing building materials and home stores. In addition, various "group purchase" models and off-market transactions that have been refurbished have put pressure on the current rental store.

For the outlook for the second half of the year, industry experts said that the building materials and home furnishing industry will enter the decoration season in the second half of the year, and the building materials and home furnishing performance will improve, but the expectations are not high. The industry will still be the strong and strong, the weaker is weaker, will not be a good situation, the transformation and upgrading of enterprises is imperative.

Home stores are the main platform for sales of home building materials. The success or failure of home stores determines whether dealers make money or not. Therefore, in the depressed market environment, home stores must keep pace with the times, and dare to innovate and dare to break through.

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