The furniture trade-in policy has been reactivated since July 1 and has been implemented for half a month. Since it is now the off-season of furniture sales in the year, the popularity of the store is not prosperous, so the "old-for-new" has not brought a clear and lively atmosphere to the home store. In addition, some sales companies have set up two sets of preferential programs, so that customers can not enjoy all the preferential measures at the same time, which makes the "furnishing of furniture" a bit troublesome.

10% discount in the store is difficult to change the off-season of sales

The reporter went to a home store in Yuquanyingqiao. The summer heat has subsided, and the air-conditioned cold air blows the floor of the bathroom, but there are few consumers who visit the store. The "old-for-new" and "price-for-price" publicity boards placed at the front of the door alone reminded me that "there are discounts here."

Going directly to the three-story furniture hall, a dozen brightly lit stores, at least half of them are salesmen singing "one-man show"; and in the most popular furniture store, only two consumers are picking furniture. Ask the price.

In the entire first-floor furniture hall, there are 10 people who are consulting and purchasing.

Ms. Zhang, a salesperson of a certain brand of furniture, told the reporter, “July is a low season for sales. There are fewer people, plus the property market is limited, the house prices are high, and you can’t buy a house. Where is someone renovated?” Since July, there have been few stores. Customers, sometimes the money earned a day is not enough to pay for rent, water and electricity, even if the furniture is "new for new" 10% subsidy, it is difficult to mobilize the purchasing power of customers. "Trying for one month last year, the effect is quite good. Now it is half a year longer, and the time is long. No one is eager to buy furniture in the big summer, and see the effect of 'Golden September and Silver 10'."

Merchants two sets of "preferential programs" can only choose one

According to the requirements of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, furniture sales enterprises must not adopt any means to restrict consumers from enjoying corporate promotional offers and government old-for-new subsidies. However, the reporter found in the interview that although the furniture enterprises allow consumers to enjoy the benefits and subsidies at the same time, they can set up very complicated rules and regulations in terms of how much discount they can enjoy.

In the federal furniture store, the reporter asked a solid wood tea table with a price of 6664 yuan as a consumer. The salesperson first said that he can participate in the furniture "trade-in", minus 666 yuan; then participate in the store "full 1000 yuan to send 120 yuan vouchers" activities, and then gift 720 yuan vouchers, can be used to buy any other in the store commodity. "Of course, we can also give you a 20% discount directly, but you can no longer participate in the old-for-new and full-off offers, because the price after the 88% discount is cheaper than the former one."

Yifeng furniture store, a hall hall with a price of 3090 yuan, the salesperson also gave two sets of price schemes, either a 15% discount + 10% old-for-new subsidy, or a 5% discount + 10% subsidy + 1000 yuan Send 120 yuan. "The gift is also given by the manufacturer. If you let all three enjoy at the same time, then we have no money to earn." For the question of why journalists must choose one, the salesperson only explained that "there are regulations."

Problem single sofa is difficult to buy three-person sofa

At the same time, some "misunderstandings" of the merchants' old-for-new policies have also made consumers feel a little dizzy.

According to the policy, this year's furniture-for-new subsidies include cabinets, sofas, beds, tables and chairs, and are limited to movable furniture. In the relevant interpretation documents, the Municipal Commerce Commission clearly stipulates that: according to the "container change cabinet, sofa for sofa, bed for bed, table for table, chair for chair" large category swap, not limited by size, material and brand .

In fact, the interpretation of this by various sales companies is not all in place. The reporter visited a home store in Shilihe. The stores of three consecutive brands all said that “single sofas cannot be exchanged for three-person sofas”, or the mattresses “renew” do not include mattresses.

The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce said that as long as the furniture meets the "big class" standard, they can participate in the trade-in. For example, a single-seat sofa or a three-seat sofa is all the same type as long as it is a sofa. The trade-in between the two is policy support. In addition, the simple construction of the bedside table used in the dormitory also belongs to the table in the large category with the dining table and the desk.

Customers are "don't bother" and don't want to choose trade-in

Ms. Shao, who lives in Chaoyang District, originally wanted to “replace the sofa” in her home, but after consulting and purchasing, she still planned to give up. “I have participated in old-fashioned home appliances before, and I feel that it is more compact in time and process. But the time for furniture trade-in is too long.”

According to Ms. Shao, the sofa she picked up took two months from order to delivery. According to the rules for the replacement of furniture in Beijing, she needs to deliver the full amount first. When the sofa manufacturer delivers the goods, she can issue a voucher for applying for the “old-for-new subsidy”, and then apply for a 10% subsidy at the furniture sales store. In other words, if she placed an order on July 15, she would not wait until September 15 to apply for a subsidy. "I am a man, and I can forget this in September." Ms. Shao said that the merchant agreed to give her a direct 5% discount. She felt it was acceptable.

For the consumer of Mr. He, who is “old and new in the same place”, he has to pay a freight for the door-to-door recycling of old furniture, which makes him feel “not worthwhile”. The new cabinet purchased by Mr. He was used in the new house, so the old cabinet in the old house had to pay the manufacturer an extra handling fee when it was “received”. According to his situation, the cost is between 200 yuan and 500 yuan. "If I buy 5,000 yuan of furniture and enjoy a 10% subsidy, then there is not much left to pay the handling fee."

The reporter learned that the Beijing Trade Commission announced that the new furniture replacement rules stipulate that the new furniture delivery location is inconsistent with the old furniture delivery location, the furniture sales enterprise can negotiate with the purchaser to provide paid old furniture recycling service. Although at present, businesses such as Qumei have launched the service of collecting old furniture for free in the Sixth Ring, but it is rare.

Many consumers said that because the production cycle of furniture is relatively long and bulky, it is hoped that the relevant departments will be more compact in the application process, and some follow-up simplification policies will be introduced in the “new purchase”. "For example, whether it can be uniformly allocated according to the location of the enterprise, according to the address and distance of the old community, the recycling company will provide the old-fashioned service free of charge in an orderly manner."

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