1. Tensile testing machine: requirements: 1. Speed: 50mm / min and 500mm / min 2. Determination of elongation 3. Dumbbell cutter (optional) 4. Marking chapter 2. Optical measuring microscope or projector 3. Specific gravity Meter 4. Pressure tester 5. Insulation resistance tester 6. Low resistance tester 7. Spark tester 8. Thermometer 9. Printing mill block 10. Cooling and heating air conditioner

It is a product in which pigment powder is uniformly dispersed in a mixture of fats and waxes, or an emulsion system. Use your finger or a special sponge brush to apply. Eyeshadow makeup lasts well, most of them are anhydrous and suitable for dry skin. Emulsified eyeshadow is suitable for oily skin, but the durability is worse than anhydrous type.

Eye Shadow Tray

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