In the age when recruitment is difficult, labor costs are rising, paper packaging materials are rising, and the cost of the entire paper packaging industry is rising, Wenzhou paper packaging can still show a smile curve effect, which is worthy of in-depth study by kraft paper manufacturers.

The so-called smile effect refers to the high value of the sales and design added value at both ends, and the manufacturing added value at the middle end is low. Under the background of increasingly competitive competition in the paper packaging industry, Wenzhou paper packaging enterprises can still reverse the current situation of profit and loss of paper packaging by means of diversified transformation, and present a smile curve effect. This is worth learning from many kraft paper manufacturers.

Especially in the situation that the whole kraft market is shrinking this year, kraft paper manufacturers should learn to diversify and transform like Wenzhou paper packaging enterprises, and cannot pursue the expansion of scale production blindly. Should pay attention to product development and sales development, by doing a good job between upstream and downstream services, diversified industrial structure, innovative products, etc. to save the current situation of the downturn in the kraft paper market.

Kraft paper manufacturers should learn Wenzhou paper packaging enterprises to put the added value of products into product quality and product service. From the original single manufacturing to the direction of kraft paper sales service, focusing on the penetration of the kraft paper sales concept.

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