If you have a baby in your home and just bought an assembled crib, it is recommended that you check if the bolts that support the mattress are long enough. Recently, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) released a message saying that IKEA recalled 26,000 SNIGLAR cribs in North America because the bolts supporting the mattress were not long enough, which could cause the bed to fall apart and eventually lead to child oppression and suffocation. .

However, IKEA China subsequently told the media that the problem product was not sold in the Chinese market, so there was no question of recall.

No casualties report yet

Recently, the reporter logged into the CSPC official website to see that a press release was posted on the homepage, which was jointly released by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Canadian Health Ministry and IKEA. The press release stated that the Singular crib has four bolts to support the mattress, but because the bolts are not long enough, the shelves supporting the mattress may be separated and fall apart, posing a risk of compression and suffocation.

The IKEA voluntary recall of the Singular crib model is 60091931. The frame and support of the mattress are mainly made of natural or light-colored wood. The specific model of the bed is attached to the frame of the mattress. Sold in the US and Canada from October 2005 to June 2010 for $80.

However, CSPC said that it has not received any reports of accidents and injuries.

The problem product is not sold in China?

According to the "Jinghua Times" news, Xu Lide, the person in charge of IKEA China, said in an interview that the problem product was not sold in China.

Recently, the reporter visited the official website of IKEA China to see that the Singular series sold in China has a total of three products, including the Singular crib for 399 yuan. Through photo comparison, the reporter found that the Singular cribs sold by IKEA China are almost identical in appearance to the products recalled in North America, except that the products sold in China are not labeled with their specific models.

Recently, reporters have seen on Taobao.com, Paipai.com and many other e-commerce websites. There are quite a few online stores selling or purchasing Singular cribs. Only Taobao reporters searched nearly 200 pieces of information. From 230-456 yuan. A number of online shop customer service told reporters that the recall was not known. The crib that was sold was the only crib of the Singular brand and the sales were good.

The insiders suggest that consumers who purchase this crib should check the crib immediately. If it is recalled, the crib should be stopped immediately. If the bolt of the crib passes through the nut, it means the bolt is long enough. Not in the recall, no need to panic.

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