In addition to the sofa, which is very much for the owner, the restaurant is a place for everyone to eat, and it must be uniquely focused on its decoration. Restaurant furniture is uniquely selected from the aspects of style and color. Because the comfort of the restaurant furniture has a great relationship with our appetite.

Dining table and chairs.jpg

1, the dining chair generally does not have handrails , so there will be a casual feeling when dining. However, there are also dining chairs with armrests for more formal occasions or when displaying the main seat to show a solemn atmosphere or to make people feel comfortable sitting. The dining chair is the matching furniture of the dining table, mainly around the dining table. The space occupied by the dining table (except the aisle) varies with the number of people dining and the arrangement of different table seats. Usually, the space of a four-person table of 90 cm x 90 cm is between 2 lOcm x 210 cm; the space of a six-person table of 180 cm x 80 cm is about 310 cm x 225 cm; the space occupied by a table of 120 cm diameter requires a diameter of about 260 cm. A four-person table of 120 cm x 75 cm requires a space of approximately 225 cm x 170 cm.

2, the size of the table should be commensurate with the environment , the table should be heat-resistant, wear-resistant materials, the height of the table and chair should be appropriate, should avoid too high or too short dining chair. The form of the dining table is mainly divided into two types: a rectangular table and a round table. The rectangular table includes a square table, a rectangular table, a polygonal table, and the like, and the round table includes a round table, an oval table, and the like. The structure supporting the table top mainly includes a single column support type, a double piece support type, and a four-leg support type.

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3, the form of the side cabinet is more modular design , or the upper end is made of glass through the door structure to show the beautiful shape of the tableware and drinking utensils, the depth is usually between 260 ~ 350mm. The lower end is a low cabinet, which is slightly deeper than the upper end, and is preferably 400-450 mm. It is also made of glass on both sides, three drawers in the middle, and it is also very beautiful. The height and width of the sideboard do not have a certain size, as long as they are coordinated with the overall space ratio. In addition, the color and structure of the furniture in the restaurant also plays a non-negligible role in the interior style. Generally speaking, the wooden restaurant has a natural and simple atmosphere; the metal dining room furniture has elegant lines and a sense of fashion. It should also be noted that the light in the restaurant should not be too dark. It is best to locate it in the window. The lighting device is better to place bright warm chandeliers, which will make the dining environment more intimate.

4, restaurant furniture should pay more attention to individual disposal . The wood table and chair with natural texture is full of natural and simple smell; the metal plated steel furniture with artificial leather or textile, the lines are elegant, with the sense of the times, the outstanding performance and texture; the high-grade dark hard-stamped furniture, the personality Elegant, full of charm, rich and rich oriental flavor. Love Home Xiaobian advocates that you should not make things happen in the arrangement of restaurant furniture, to avoid people looking messy and unsystematic.

5, restaurant furniture style : the most commonly used square table or round table, in recent years, long round tables are also more popular. The layout of the dining chair is simple and the best use of folding. In the case of a small space in the restaurant, folding up the dinette that is not necessary can save space. Otherwise, an oversized table will make the restaurant space seem congested. Therefore, some folding tables are more popular. The shape and color of the dining chair should be in harmony with the dining table and be shared with the entire restaurant.

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It should be accompanied by a dining cabinet, that is, furniture for storing some tableware, supplies (such as wine glasses, lids, etc.), wine, drinks, napkins and other dining aids. It is also possible to think about setting temporary storage of food utensils such as (rice pots, beverage cans, etc.).

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