[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The current furniture can be described as dazzling, but if the current consumption hotspots, it is a wall- mounted wardrobe . These seemingly simple in-wall wardrobes, if upgraded to the height of professional life, the doorway is quite a lot, and the cutting is closely related to the materials used, decorative panels and veneers.

Wall-mounted wardrobe

Advantages of entering the wall cabinet

In-wall wardrobes are one of the must-have furniture in the family in Europe and America, but it has only become popular in China in the past two years. In the traditional Chinese life, the wardrobe is also a big part of the furniture. But at that time, most of the family did not have a lot of clothes. A large wardrobe and a few large boxes almost solved the problem of storing the clothes of the whole family.

But nowadays, the clothes of any person in the family may be able to fill an old-fashioned wardrobe, and the categories of clothes are also complicated. There are jackets, underwear and even fur. Some of them need to be folded flat when they are stored, and some must be vertical. Hanging, especially some expensive clothes, requires high temperature and humidity in the closet. Therefore, it is a trend choice for many families nowadays to make a wall top into a wardrobe and let their own clothes and clothes stand in their own right.

Of course, you have to say that the big wardrobe can be done very stylishly, and it is not enough to buy one more, which leads to another advantage of the wall-mounted wardrobe: saving space. Imagine that the price is so expensive, I am sorry that I don’t take advantage of every inch of space. A wall-mounted wardrobe, not only can be cut into a hanging space, space can be placed, the top space can also be put on the bedding, or the child is tired of the doll.

In addition, some brands of wall-mounted wardrobes can be designed according to your needs. After being installed in your home, you can skillfully use the side or sides of the wall as the side of the wardrobe to form the feeling of the wardrobe recessed into the wall. The choice of the color of the door is integrated with the decoration of the entire living room. If you want to be cool, you can also don't slam the door, so you can use the wall cabinet to form a "cloakroom" in an area.

Because of the price, many people still choose the traditional wardrobe, but a netizen has calculated an account in the forum. He said: "Don't talk about environmental protection, fashion, beauty, durability, etc., even if it is an economic account, Guangzhou, except for the public wall balcony, etc., the practical area is mostly more than 5,000 yuan / square meter, according to the height of 2.7 meters, we have reached 2,000 yuan per cubic meter, old furniture wasted how much money we have? At a glance! "

In-wall cabinet features

The wall-mounted wardrobe looks very simple. It seems that a few doors cover the cabinet inside. In fact, today's wall-mounted cabinets, if you look carefully, have a lot of learning.

Nowadays, the wall-mounted wardrobes on the market are mainly divided into two categories, one is door-to-door and the other is open (no door). The open-type wall-mounted cabinets will have a beautiful view of the colorful clothes, which is very suitable for young people's home atmosphere. If you have more heart, you can use this as the main body and build a cloakroom.

In the case of a wall-mounted cabinet, a beautiful article was made on the door. Such as a brand of tricks, the introduction of tiger patterns, spotted dog patterns, leopard prints and other patterns, looking like hanging pictures. The materials currently available for the production of sliding doors on the market are wood, glass, mirrors and other materials. The wooden board is simple and natural, and it is more popular. The matte and cloth-patterned glass doors bring the effect of obscuration, especially under the light mapping. Silver-plated glass has a high-end luxury. The transparent glass door looks crystal clear. In addition, there are louver doors, which are very novel.

The internal structure of the wall cabinet is also quite a mechanism. The cabinet can be a variety of cabinets. According to the size of the indoor space and personal preference, a number of cabinets can be selected for free combination. The number of movable panels and drawers can also be increased or decreased. In addition, in some wall-mounted wardrobes are also equipped with elastic stretching equipment, any upgrade, simple and practical, reflecting the unique design ideas, so in the wall-mounted wardrobe, where is the drawer, where is the partition, where to put clothes They will be arranged for you, even towels, socks, and ties. Everyone in the wall cabinet is also equipped with a trousers with pulleys. You can hang up a dozen trousers neatly, keep it ventilated, no wrinkles, at a glance, and Easy to take.

Buy wall-mounted wardrobe

Buy wall-mounted wardrobes, and it is best to choose some well-known brands when the economy allows. For example, the furniture such as the wall cabinet usually takes 8 to 10 years. In addition to the quality of the famous brand goods, the after-sales service also has certain guarantees. If you want to change the pulley or the veneer, you can have a channel to solve the problem.

If you want to further purchase from a professional point of view, there are also a few points to note, the reporter integrated the opinions of several brand agents, summarized as follows:

1, materials. Most of the wall-mounted cabinets on the market use medium-density fiberboards, some use moisture-proof boards, and medium-density boards are better. In addition, look at the veneers. The hardware of the wall cabinet is also very important, including carbon steel, titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. The smoothness, wear resistance and pressure resistance of the pulley are also very important. The pulleys of the brand wardrobe are generally made of carbon fiberglass, with balls inside, with non-drying grease, and almost no noise when pushing and pulling. In addition, good pulleys are often designed with two anti-jump devices to ensure reliable and safe door sliding. There is only one anti-jump device or a pulley without an anti-jump device, and the door is easily derailed when in use.

2. Is the cabinet design scientific? Good wall-mounted wardrobe cabinets are usually combined with different cabinets, which can be customized according to the actual situation of customers; drawers and shelves can be freely increased or decreased. However, the reporter should remind everyone that when preparing to order a wall cabinet, you must first book a specific location at home, and then measure the size. Since some roofs have beams, if you do not consider this factor, it is likely that the built-in wall cabinets will not enter the wall.

3. Is the accessory complete? Push-pull mirrors, lattice racks, pants racks, pull baskets, and L-frames. Whether these accessories are complete is an important criterion for judging whether the design has a "people-oriented" concept.

4. Whether to choose green environmental protection materials. The formaldehyde content of the cabinet door or cabinet material is too high, which will adversely affect the user's health. How to determine which excessive levels of formaldehyde? The simplest way is to open the door, opened the drawer, such as excessive, generally emit a strong odor stimulus, even people cry.

★ Professional opinion:

When purchasing a wall-mounted wardrobe, the average consumer can reasonably judge whether the appearance is beautiful and the internal structure is reasonable. It is difficult to see the technical problems of the quality of the veneer and the environmental protection grade of the MDF. Therefore, it is an ideal choice to choose a branded product with high popularity. For example, Yuanbang, Sophia, Hao Laike, Imoni, Yi Shili and other international and domestic famous brands

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Dyed lip gloss: It will be printed on the mouth and cannot be wiped off. Liquid lip gloss, containing jojoba oil, absorbs quickly, enhances moisturizing effect and elasticity, can be used before lipstick, or used alone. Compared with regular lip glosses, dyed lip glosses are more natural in color and more waterproof after use.
Different people may not have the same feelings about the same brand of lip gloss. Here is just a reference. Which lip gloss is really the "best" in your mind, and you may not know it until you try it yourself.
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2) Pair with blush. Choose a lip gloss brush of the same color as the blush on your lips to show that your makeup is professional.
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Lip Gloss

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