A complete set of non-linear editing system is composed of a computer platform, non-linear editing software, video codec card (non-coding card), but when users choose a non-linear editing system, they often choose to focus on non-linear editing systems. The simple computer configuration ignores the core technology of the non-editing system.

As for the configuration of the non-linear editing system, one misunderstanding is that many customers believe that the higher the configuration of the non-linear editing system, the better, but this is not the case. The reason for this is that many customers do not understand nonlinear editing systems, only know that nonlinear editing systems are based on computer platforms. In fact, the main value of nonlinear editing systems is nonlinear editing software and codec chips ( (That is, non-editing card). Just like a car, a computer platform is just a car rack relative to a non-linear editing system. Some distributors of non-editing systems simply focus on the configuration of the computer because they do not understand the non-editing. It's like customers looking at the power of cars. These dealers simply recommend big trucks. The power is strong enough to travel, but it's not what customers want.

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CPU, memory, storage, GPU that constitutes a non-editing system

To understand the configuration of a non-linear editing system, you must first understand the principles of a non-linear editing system. The principle of the non-linear editing system is to write the traditional AV material into the computer and edit it through the editing software. Most of this work is related to the editing software and the codec chip. The computer is just a carrier. Although the computer configuration is important, it is not necessary to be blindly demanding. According to mathematical probability theory, the more accessories there are, the greater the probability of failure. Of course, high configuration requires more accessories to support, such as memory, 4GB of memory, 8GB only requires 2 pieces, you need to make 32GB, just There are 8 of them, although there is more memory, but the probability of failure is also greater. Besides, when processing standard definition materials, 4GB is enough, and 32GB of memory is not needed at all.

For the hard disk of the non-linear editing system, customers who do not understand simply require large storage capacity. In fact, relative to the capacity, the read and write speed and stability of the hard disk are more important. It is easy to expand the capacity from 1TB to 2TB, just add a hard disk, but if the read and write speed is doubled, it is not a simple matter. As we all know, high-definition editing materials require a hard disk read and write speed of at least 350M / S, while the average desktop-level hard disk read and write speed can only reach about 70M / S, so the concept of disk array is introduced in the high-definition editing system. If you only value capacity and not speed, data loss will occur, which will affect the normal editing and reading and writing of materials.

Stability is also important. When doing TV program production, the most troublesome problem for many directors is that when the editing is about to be completed, the non-editing system crashes. The worst result is that all the work done is lost and everything is re-started. The current editing system has added the background automatic memory saving function, but this is limited to the safety measures taken when the editing software is born. There is no way to remedy the problems that occur in the computer system, such as bad sectors on the hard disk and CPU burnout. , Short circuit of the motherboard, etc. will involve redoing the system and replacing hardware, which will cause all previous efforts to be abandoned.

Taking the X5 non-linear editing system as an example, the X5 non-linear editing system supports high-definition editing, the standard memory is 8GB, and the processor uses a 4-core I7 processor. In the past actual work editing, it proves This configuration is sufficient under high-definition editing conditions, and there are very few failures. This kind of failure is basically not related to the configuration. The X5 storage system uses a blade-type integrated server with a capacity of 8TB, but the reading and writing speed reached 1200M / S. The disk array composed of 8 1TB hard disks uses raid5 technology, that is, in the case of a single hard disk with bad sectors, it can still ensure that the system runs stably and quickly, and data will never be lost.

Extreme Speed ​​X Nonlinear Editing System

Blade integrated safety mechanism of X-speed non-woven system

Therefore, as long as the configuration of the non-linear editing system is appropriate, there is no need to pursue a high configuration, do not pull the cart with the bull, and do not have the problem of the bull cart pulling the missile.

Some dealers do not understand the non-linear editing system very much. They simply require customers to have a high configuration, but they only want customers to spend more money, but the computer platform is too high. How much can it cost? This only looks at the appearance. 3. Not looking at the inner method, what ultimately hurts the interests of customers. Therefore, customers should put the function and performance of the non-linear editing system first when they are equipped with the non-linear editing system, and then look at the configuration of the computer.

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