Second, hot stamping sticky material

Hot Stamping Adhesive Material refers to the adhesive material used to bind the hot stamp material on the hot object when the hot stamp material is not on the print because the hot stamping material itself does not have adhesive ability or adhesive ability.

1. Adhesive powder. Adhesive powder means powdery adhesion promoter. There are three common types:

(1) Rosin powder. Rosin powder is obtained by crushing the resin obtained by cutting pine trunks. The main component is rosin acid. Its use is as follows:

1 When used, spread the rosin powder on the hot area. There are two methods: one is to coat with cotton dust; the other is to use a mesh tool to spread.

2 Rosin powder is only suitable for use in the cover of hot stamping fabrics. Because fabrics have fibrous pores on the surface, the powdered adhesive can be penetrated into the fabric and can have good adhesion after hot pressing.

3 Rosin powder is not suitable for smearing on smooth objects such as coating, leather and PVC. Because the sliding property of the powder itself is large, the powder coated on the smooth body will fall off or move due to shaking during operation, which will affect the hot stamping process.

4 The use of rosin powder should not be applied too much, should be less and even as appropriate.

(2) Protein powder. Protein powder is another of the cohesive powders, which is made from the egg's egg protein.

The protein powder can be made by oneself. The method is: first remove the egg yolk, and then place the remaining egg white in a smooth and clean reservoir. After being dried and dried, the powder can be used as fine as possible. Use the following two points when using:

1 According to the amount of protein powder used to make, should not be too much, because the protein is prone to bacteria and cause corruption. Proteins contain amino acids that deliquesce and decrease in viscosity when the humidity is high.

2 There are two ways to use, the same with the rosin powder; at the same time should not be applied to the smooth body.

(3) hot stamping powder. Bronzing powder is an adhesive powder sold in the market. It is a hot stamping adhesive material made of rosin, shellac and other substances mixed together in a certain proportion.

After bronzing powder is purchased, it can be used without adding any other ingredients. This bronzing powder is easy to use and can be stored for a certain period of time, but at a slightly more expensive price. Use the same method as other adhesive powders.

2. Adhesive liquid. Adhesive liquid refers to liquid adhesion promoter. There are two commonly used:

(1) shellac. Shellac, also known as shellac, dry paint and so on. The main components of shellac are the esters of light acid, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and alkaline solutions, slightly soluble in esters and hydrocarbons. Shellac is soft, softened by heat, and decomposed at higher temperatures. Due to its strong bonding properties, it can be used as a good binder for hot stamping materials. The alcohol in the shellac can also be stained on a smooth object. Its use is:

1 Soak the shellac into the alcohol within 10 hours before use. The method is: first put the shellac into pieces and put it into a certain amount of alcohol, and seal the cap. The ratio of alcohol to shellac is generally 100-200g of gum per 500g of alcohol.

After 210h, the shellac and alcohol are mixed into a liquid colloid and can be used. Shake or stir evenly before use.

3 When using cotton swabs, apply it to the hot stamping position.

4 Shellac is used in liquid form and has brown color. It can only be used on the surface of smooth body (such as lacquer, leather, PVC coating). Do not apply on fabrics. Because the brown shellac spreads on the fabric and penetrates into the fabric gap, the fabric may be discolored or glued, causing the cover to be contaminated.

(2) protein solution. Removal of powdered protein binders can be used for hot stamping, and protein liquids can also be applied directly to the surface of the fabric to bind hot stamping materials. The method is: after the protein solution is raised from the eggs, the cotton mass is directly wiped and applied on the hot print. In addition to proteotrophic bacteria, protein fluid is also easy to dry. Do not use too much to extract, use with the use of extraction, do not store.

In the actual work, when the metal foils and color chips are used for hot stamping, adhesion aids must be used because these stamping materials have no adhesive ability or poor adhesion. In the case of hot embossed aluminum foil or color foil, when the other conditions are normal, it is also possible to use adhesion promoting powder or auxiliaries to achieve the purpose of hot stamping.

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