Ctrip North America Opens Canadian Market

On November 5, 2013, Ctrip.com, the largest online travel service provider in China, joined the British Columbia Tourism Bureau, Air Canada, and the Whistler-Blackcomb Ski Resort in China for the first time in China. Canadian ski-themed products will provide ski enthusiasts with another world-class ski resort after Switzerland, Austria in the winter season. Ctrip’s previously established North American subsidiary also made appearances at the press conference and will provide quality services for domestic tourists to Canada.

Ctrip North American Product Director An Ping and World Ski Championship Ms. Guo Dandan

Ding Han, vice president of Ctrip

Since the successful hosting of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, the Whistler Ski Resort has become a sacred place for global ski enthusiasts. Whistler is no longer far away from China's tourist ski enthusiasts. At a press conference held in Beijing on the 5th, Ctrip.com announced the launch of a direct-flight tourism product from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, and Whistler with Canadian tourism agencies and airlines, and the first batch of Canadian winter ski team tours and free travel. Semi-automatic tour series products have been formally launched. The first is the shocking price. Most of the products are priced below 10,000 yuan. The "ski + hotel + round-trip ticket = the price of an ordinary round-trip ticket". This is followed by the highlight of the product's ski theme. The 6 to 12-day journey allows skiers to enjoy a snowboard once and for all. In addition, shorten the flight time, so that the ski resort is no longer far away from Chinese ski enthusiasts. In addition, Ctrip also teamed up with Whistler Blackcomb Resort to launch the "Super Slalom King" ski race, which lasted from November 2013 to April 2014. The total prize amounted to 163,000 yuan, and invited skiers to travel to Whistler, Canada. Examine the test.

In this cooperation, Ctrip North America Branch deeply researches and develops the destination market, makes full use of local cooperation resources, and exclusively launches product lines with excellent services and prices in the industry. This is an important step in Ctrip's efforts to develop the North American tourism market. It is understood that Ctrip currently provides 90 million members with free travel, team travel, semi-help and local tours, car rentals, visas, tickets, cruises and other products and services, covering more than 300 popular destinations worldwide, and is the largest in the country. Station tourism service platform.

Canada also attaches great importance to the Chinese tourism market. According to the latest data released by the Canadian Tourism Administration, the number of Chinese tourists from Canada in 2012 has exceeded 270,000. British Columbia Tourism Bureau of Canada hopes to pass Ctrip.com with China’s largest online travel service provider. Cooperation, share a share in this market. Whistler skiers currently have mostly North American and European tourists and are not yet known to most people in China. They hope to use this cooperation to build Whistler into one of the world's top ski resorts for outbound skiing in China.

The first batch of Canadian winter ski team tour, free travel, semi-self-help travel products have been fully launched on Ctrip, and Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenyang have all launched direct flights from Canada. Judging from the current situation of sales and consulting, the market has a very high degree of acceptance for Canadian skiing. Canada has become a popular choice for outbound skiing this winter.

About Whistler, Canada:

Whistler Blackcomb Mountain is a Canadian natural landscape collector. When all the beautiful scenery come together, the splendour of nature is enough to shake people's hearts. As North America's famous ski resort, Whistler has been at the forefront of North America (and even the world) and successfully hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The entire Whistler Mountain Region covers more than 8,171 acres; more than 200 well-conducted slopes, 16 alpine depressions, and three glaciers on two towering peaks, with an average annual snowfall of over 1,174 cm.

In 2013, two additional cable cars (Crystal Mountain Express and Harmony No. 6) were added, bringing the total number of cable cars to 36. These favorable conditions make Whistler Blackcomb Mountain the largest ski resort in North America.

In addition, Whistler has 24 internationally renowned hotels and more than 10,000 hotel rooms, as well as different types of accommodation such as villas, bed and breakfasts, more than 200 shopping outlets and 25 spas. It marks that this is a very well-appointed resort. It also has many kinds of outdoor sports such as skiing tires, climbing, lakeside camping, mountain biking, golfing and mountaineering. High-quality ski resorts and convenient facilities will make first-rate ski lovers and snowmobile enthusiasts feel at home.

About travel bookings and ski races:

The first batch of Canadian winter ski team tour, free travel, semi self-help travel products have been formally launched on Ctrip.com. Members of the public can purchase Ctrip's special Canadian ski tourism products and compete in the Whistler Ski Resort in Canada.

Players can participate in multiple competitions and select their best score. After the end of each match, all team members' results will be announced and ranked in the Ctrip points ranking. Updated weekly. The rankings will be announced by the contestants themselves in agreement with their real name or net name or a pseudonym. If it represents a club, club names can also be tagged.

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