Sunflower chair 1 创意葵椅 书虫首选家具

He Mu and Zhang Qian of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology won the “Red Factory Design Award” set in the competition with this blooming “Kwai Chair” in the 5th “Design for Sitting” Grand Prix. The sunflower chair uses a smart plug-in structure to blend the bookshelf and the chair with a sunflower-like divergence, providing a complete and compact space for people to relax and read. Don't miss the bookworms.

Sunflower chair 2 创意葵椅 书虫首选家具

This Tablecloth is made from Eco-friendly PE with needle-punched cotton.With unique design our tablecloth is perfect for daily use, holidays and special occasions,it is durable, waterproof and easy cleaning.And 100% environmental friendly material with safe printing doesn't release any unpleasant smell,which guarantee a good and safe environment of your home.

Harmony tablecloth,the ideal partner for your dining table.

Tablecloth Pe With Needle-Punched Cotton

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