The reason for the high uniformity of the high and low temperature test chamber is generally caused by the following four points:

(1) Structure

The structure of the equipment greatly affects the uniform temperature in the middle of the work. Because the structure is difficult to be completely symmetrical, it adversely affects the temperature uniformity. The front door is in front, and the air-conditioning room is at the rear of the box. This structure has good left-right symmetry, and it is easy to achieve uniform temperature on the left and right.

(2) Tightness

The sealing of the cabinet is not good. For example, the door leaks, which affects the uniform temperature of the equipment studio.

(3) The sample volume is too large

If the detection of temperature deviation requires the sample to be placed in the working room, when the volume of the sample is too large, or the placement method or position is inappropriate, the air convection is blocked. It will also cause a large temperature deviation.

(Iv) Heat conduction in the box wall

Due to the heat conduction of the box wall of the high and low temperature test box, heat loss such as heat leakage from the high temperature box or leakage from the low temperature box is generated. In order to compensate for the heat loss, there will inevitably be a difference in the supply air temperature. The supply air temperature of the box is lower than the working temperature in the box. Due to the inevitable temperature difference of the supply air, temperature unevenness occurs in the working room.

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