The HGF-1 cassette filling and sealing machine produced by Liaoning Shenyang Baihualin Light Industry Food Machinery Plant has the functions of automatic sterilization, filling, production date printing, sealing and trimming, and is applicable to various beverages and dairy products. , Inner fat tofu, sesame paste, side dishes, condiments, rice porridge, jellies, meat and instant noodles and other small foods sealed packaging. The production capacity is 1 900 bags/h, the filling capacity is 50 g/cup to 300 g/cup, the motor voltage is 200 V, the power is 1.2 kW, and the body dimensions (length×width×height) is 1 800 mm×600 Mm×1 700 mm, the overall quality is 280 kg.

Automatic packing machine system

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