With the development of China's industrialization, the test equipment has made a breakthrough. The emergence of small and medium-sized enterprises has become the brightest spot in the industry. In order to further occupy more markets, companies are constantly introducing new machines to meet the precision equipment required for each test in various industries, and at the same time, to reduce the cost, some machines The station has been used for special planes - that is, within the scope of the test standards that are met, without additional conditions, thereby reducing the cost of the machine due to multiple test conditions, etc. In this environment, the cost performance of the test box is generated, and the user is When purchasing high and low temperature test equipment, cost performance has become the main focus.

High and low temperature test equipment is used for high and low temperature reliability tests of products in modern industrial production (such as electronics, electrician, vehicle, aerospace, scientific research, etc.) to detect high and low temperature (alternating, moist heat) cyclic changes. Test equipment for various performance indicators.

In the past, we have also carried out analysis of the cost of high and low temperature test equipment or price difference. According to this, we can understand that some standard machines can be satisfied at the same time, but if the conditions are reduced, When choosing some functions or testing a single machine, the price is much lower, so I would like to remind all new and old customers to know the conditions and standards of the test and the expansion of the test chamber. Directions, etc., so choose the most cost-effective products, reduce procurement costs!

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