Abstract: Everyone knows that the grain moisture analyzer is widely used, but many people do not know its characteristics. Here I will briefly introduce you to its characteristics. It can be helpful to everyone when using it.

1. Moisture temperature automatic compensation: good tracking can be achieved in the temperature range of -18 ° ~ 40 °.

2. Wide measurement range: The moisture measurement range is as wide as 8% -38%, and rapeseed can be as low as 3%.

3. Wide operating temperature range: not only suitable for the Central Plains area, but also suitable for the cold places in the north.

4. Fast measurement speed: no need to crush, saving time and effort.

5. The regional difference correction can be adjusted directly on the panel, which is convenient to modify.

6. Low power consumption: The instrument works continuously for eight hours a day, and a 9-volt battery can be used continuously for one year. When the battery voltage is insufficient, the instrument will prompt to replace the battery, and the instrument will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of inactivity.

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