Brush something with something like a brush and print a product below. According to the degree of automation is divided into manual screen printing machine, semi-automatic screen printing machine, automatic screen printing machine.

There are two major types of printing: one for offset printing and one for silk screen printing. The books, newspapers, and cartons we touch are offset printing, and the shampoo bottles, cosmetic bottles, decorative glass, plastic texts, cigarette cases, and gifts we use. Boxes, metal patterns and exquisite advertising billboards and so on are the effect of screen printing. The application scope of silk screens is quite broad. Printing is convenient and colorful. It is very popular with users.

Screen printer, the full name of the "Screen Printer Machine", is a device that prints solder paste or adhesive on PCB pads through a screen plate as a template. Wire mesh panels are made of fiber materials, where holes need to be printed to leave printed materials (inks, solder paste, etc.), and the remaining sectors do not leak materials.

Mainly used in the electronic processing industry, printed circuit board silk screen logo, the instrument shell panel logo, printed circuit board solder paste printing process. There are also small-scale carton printing cartons using silk screen printing.

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