Now, it can be said that PET bottles are the absolute overlords in the field of plastic bottle packaging. With its many advantages, such as transparency, light weight, safety, and recyclability, PET bottles have quickly won the demand for packaging from manufacturers in various fields such as food, beverage, and medicine, and have become the preferred packaging type for many industries. Well, we are talking about one or two of the most outstanding advantages of PET bottles today. We believe that it is these two advantages that make PET bottles shine in the packaging field.

The most important thing is that PET bottle recycling technology is now very mature. Compared with plastic bottles such as PE bottles and PP bottles, many of them are discarded and it is difficult to recycle them. PET bottles have a wide range of market applications after recycling. Even some companies build their own acquisition channels to recycle PET bottles. Today's increasingly tense resources and increasingly mature environmental protection awareness today. This characteristic of PET bottles is destined to be recognized and sought after by the market.

Compared to other plastic bottles, PET bottles have a certain degree of high temperature resistance, extrusion and transparency are much better than they are. This has made it widely used in areas where foods and medicines are extremely demanding on packaging materials.

  • 360 degree universal 4 wheels, anti-seismic, anti-friction, Silent
  • Trolley: high grade Aluminum sub-segment pull rod
  • Lining: good quality polyester material. BUIT-IN: reinforced cross straps, compartment bags
  • Lock: high grade password lock
  • Brand new and high quality
  • Simple, fashion stylish designed
  • Lightweight but durable ABS hard shell
  • Durable multi-directional wheels, rotating 360 degrees
  • Main compartment with high capacity
  • Ergonomically designed push-button handles telescoping handle
  • Safety guaranteed with firm coded lock
  • Fit for traveling, moving house
  • Resistant to dirt, easy to clean up with rags
  • Hardside Expandable Luggage

ABS Universal Wheeled Trolley Luggage

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