Corrugated carton gravure preprinting is the use of gravure printing method on a wide web (carton paper) printed on the fine pattern required to print the web surface of the corrugated cardboard into a corrugated cardboard box, and then use Die-cutting machine die-cut indentation into box type.

At present, about 30% of corrugated cartons in developed countries such as Europe and the United States use preprinted production processes. With the rapid development of China's paper product packaging industry, in recent years, many domestic corrugated paper box plants with stable customer sources have also set their sights on pre-printing technology. The use of pre-printing methods to produce high-grade colored corrugated paper boxes will become the trend of future packaging industry development.

The corrugated box preprinting process has some significant advantages over the conventional corrugated box printing process.

1. Higher print quality and wider adaptability

The preprinting is performed on a smooth paper surface using a gravure printing machine or a flexographic printing machine. Compared with the printing after printing on a rugged cardboard surface using a printing slotting machine, the preprinted color printing layer is richer and the color is more vivid. , printing quality is also more stable and reliable.

2. Corrugated board strength increased

Because the preprinting does not need to impress the cardboard after it is formed, the deformation of the corrugated fiber and the weakening of the cardboard strength can be avoided. If a corrugated cardboard printing slot printing machine is used for the printing method, each color printing will cause more or less deformation of the corrugated cardboard, and the greater the number of colors, the greater the deformation of the corrugated cardboard.

3. High production efficiency and low reject rate

Compared with traditional printing methods, preprinting is faster, more efficient, and the production process is easier to control and manage. Quality issues are relatively small. Preprinting has become an important trend in corrugated box printing, especially for high-grade corrugated cartons (including large and shaped cartons).

Corrugated box version preprinted features

At present, the vast majority of domestic color corrugated cartons use a sheet-fed offset printing preprinting method. The process flow is: cutting a web into a single sheet of paper and printing a single sheet of paper with an offset press (simultaneously, two layers of a single-sided mechanism. Corrugated cardboard) One-sided paper and single-faced corrugated cardboard are combined in a laminating machine to form a staple or box.

The technological process of the web gravure preprinting technology is: using a gravure printing machine to print a web of paper on a cardboard line to produce a 3- or 5-layer cardboard die-cutting indentation molding → a nail box or a sticky box.

Compared with sheet-fed offset preprinting, web gravure preprinting can easily provide high-quality color prints on the one hand; on the other hand, electronic engraving and platemaking technologies significantly reduce the production cycle and cost of metal plate cylinders. Close to or even lower than the flexographic printing, and Shaanxi Beiren has produced high-speed wide gravure printing presses, the price is only one-third of imported flexographic printing presses, the use of gravure pre-printing methods may be more in line with the actual situation of packaging companies in China.

1. high productivity

Web gravure printing speed of 150 ~ 200m/min, basically with a large number of domestic corrugated board production line match, than traditional sheetfed offset and veneer laps and other short process time, low labor costs and high efficiency.

2. Color carton printing quality is high

With the gravure preprinting method, high-quality ink-printed color cartons can be obtained. Gravure printing not only has high overlay precision (error is less than 0.2mm), but also printing and glazing can be completed at one time. Gravure printing is larger than other printing methods, up to 4.5-6g/m2, and ink is full. soft. Bright, firm, and each ink has a full drying system after printing, so under the premise of choosing the paper with higher surface smoothness to print, gravure printing can get high-quality ink prints. At present, domestically produced gravure inks are relatively mature and have introduced water-based gravure inks that can meet the pre-printing requirements of corrugated board.

3. Large-format, multi-color printing

The maximum size of traditional color offset printing is generally 1.2mx 0.9m, and most of them are 4-color printing. Corrugated box preprinting machine type gravure printing machine maximum width of 2.5m, while there are a variety of format specifications to choose from, including 1300mm, 1650mm, 1800mm, 2000mm. 2200mm. 2500mm, printing color number can reach 4-10 colors, in addition to gold, silver ink and other special ink printing.

4. More suitable for long-run live printing

The gravure preprint is made of steel chrome-plated electric gravure, and the print strength is 3 million to 4 million impressions, which is especially suitable for long-run live printing.

5. Higher corrugated box strength

Because the preprinted production of corrugated cartons is completed on the production line, there is a certain time of heat-forming at the time of production, so the corrugated cartons produced have a high strength and can avoid uneven coating caused by veneers. Cardboard ribs, cardboard warping and so on.

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