The makeup of the eyes is immediately turned into a panda eye. The biggest culprit of makeup removal is mascara smudge! Not only does the black line along the upper eyelid frame a circle, the eye shadow is stained, and the gray color is left in the lower eyelid, and it is getting darker and darker. The eyes look like panda eyes left behind by sleeping! The makeup is not only not clean, but also makes the whole person have no spirit.
If you can use the correct brush eyelash method, you can make a big reversal. You are also bright and bright, and the makeup is also cleaner and refreshing. Now let's learn about the powerful brush eyelashes. Open the secret to make your eye makeup last longer.
Before you brush your eyelashes, use your eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes back and forth. This will make your mascara more curled after mascara, and the shape will look better.
Tip: The curl of the eyelash curl determines the curl of the eyelashes. Many people complain that the eyelashes are not clipped because they use eyelash curlers that don't fit the eye. To choose the eyelash curler, you must pay attention to the following items: 1. When trying the clip, the eyelash clips cannot be stuck on the sides of the eyelids. 2. Be able to clip the eyelashes at once. 3. The cushion should be flexible and not too soft.
Step1: First use the local eyelash curler to curl the end of the eye and the eye that are most difficult to clip, so that the eyelash curls without a dead angle. If you use a local clip at the end, the angle of the eyelashes will be lost.
Step2: Then use the general eyelash curler to divide the root, middle and end of the eyelashes, and clip it to the end. The eyelash curler should also be lifted up at the same time to clip the beautiful eyelashes. Otherwise, the eyelashes will become unnatural. Right angled.
Step3: Before brushing the mascara, clean the excess cream from the brush head. This is the focus of the eyelashes that are not tangled and not easy to get on the eyelids.
Step4: Place the mirror underneath to see and brush it to the root of the eyelashes. Be sure to brush it from the root of the eyelashes, otherwise it will not support the curl.
Step5: When brushing the eyelashes, follow the direction of eyelash growth, in order to brush out the perfect eyelashes that the peacock opens to 360 degrees.
Step6: If the eyelashes are hard or easy to sag, the angle will inevitably collapse after brushing the mascara. At this time, the eyelash curler can be used to strengthen and maintain the perfect curling state. The eyelashes only work for the mascara that is applied to the mascara.

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