1, European style stands still

European style is one of the traditional styles, which refers to the style of European traditional art and culture. According to different periods, it is often divided into: classical style (ancient Roman style, ancient Greek style), middle-aged style, Renaissance style, Baroque style, neoclassical style, Rococo style and so on. This year's fashion trend of furniture design style has returned to the European style, noble and luxurious European furniture, will lead the forefront of the furniture trend.

2, the luxury style continues


The post-luxury style is a continuation of the ArtDeco style and is a interpretation of the modern Western luxury style. The main feature of the ArtDeco style is black, because this style was originally created using African ebony, mostly black or dark. Nowadays, the baking process has gradually replaced ebony, so that the taste of luxury is no longer rich, and the overall tone tends to be peaceful.

3, home furnishings tend to be intelligent


Home intelligence is a popular development trend. From the aspects of wiring, product function, system stability and ease of use, it is clear that fieldbus smart home products have considerable advantages in application, and should be future China. The mainstream development direction of family intelligent technology.

4, the status of environmental protection home improvement


Energy conservation and environmental protection remain the same theme this year. It is no longer just an industrialist's business plan or a scientist's laboratory project. It has lasted for two or three years, and it has penetrated into every field of life and is reflected in every detail of the home environment.

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