MAC turned into a godpower "female superman"

MAC launched multiple WonderWoman series makeup in the spring of 2011. Inspired by the comic book image of the United States in the middle of the last century. This series of inspiration for eyeliner, nail polish and false eyelashes comes from this heroic girl, brave and shiny, confident and charming! MAC re-presents the most representative and beautiful image of the most powerful heroine of the 1960s in the 21st century female face. The glamorous 60's blue eyeshadow shows her unique character and strength; the feminine bright red lips make the feminine charm of the superwoman superwoman show the most attractive magical power.

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French Guerlain

French Guerlain has revived the brilliance of spring, and this season brings magical magic again, changing the color and light and shadow to the palm of the hand to create a charming and playful, full of joyful dream girl image. This girl brings a strong color impact and vivid light and shadow, which seems to be an irresistible illuminator. This season, the French Guerlain's color on the way back is a very feminine peach color, slowly slipping through the eyeliner outlines the beautiful contours of the eyes, but also calls for the silence of the eyes. The color on the lips is a bit strong, but there is no lure. And her blushing cheeks brought out the girl's shyness, making the entire makeup impeccable.

Estee Lauder loves orange

Estee Lauder exquisitely presents the spring limited edition "Love Orange" of the new collection of flower buds, created by TomPecheux, the global creative director of makeup. Focus on the bright orange eye makeup, draw a striking and structured orange eyeliner on the top of the upper eyelashes, and sweep the white triangle eye shadow at the inner corner of the eye. TomPecheux recommends that the limited edition "Love Orange" of the Flower Series is made up of three must-have items to create a practical everyday look that portrays the bright colors of spring. Each product contains a unique technology that wraps natural pigments in a crystal sphere to create a strong color with a dazzling sheen.

Chanel Paris - Byzantine Advanced Hand Workshop

To reproduce the eye makeup effect, the makeup uses the Chanel lip liner Rouge to paint the shape, and then fill it with the new Chanel blush Rouge. In the choice of color, the eye shadow part uses the light gold and bronze in the new "RegardSignédeCHANEL-Topkapi", with dark mascara and eyeliner, plus the beige Chanel eyeliner Clair to create a big eye makeup effect. double

The cheeks use a combination of Chanel blush or Mocha. The lips retain their original lip color, and only the Chanel soft lip balm is used to moisturize the lips, making the rich eye makeup more fashionable. The entire makeup is made from these rich, crystal-clear makeup products. The perfect combination of gold, bronze, black and red, can be easily adjusted to the tailored makeup according to each woman's different preferences.

Dior Montaigne Gray Rhyme

In the new season, Dior Dior Makeup Creative Director Tyen is Dior Dior's 2011 Spring/Summer High Fashion Show brand new custom make-up series, which distills Dior Dior's most legendary Montaigne Grey and Paris into a twilight scent, dances on the lips and even At the fingertips, it is a magnificent tribute to the exclusive color of the fashion holy place "No. 30, Montaigne Avenue". It is said that the law of eternal time that is not limited by time is a classic re-enactment of elegant women in the world, and the essence of Paris is repeated.

LUNASOL Seascape Purifying Makeup

LUNASOL2011 spring makeup seascape purification makeup series blends into a variety of marine style, spring light, caressing the waves, colorful sparkling brilliance. LUNASOL Seascape Purifying Make-up Series makes the eye makeup look like a clear sea surface with the changes of the eye wave, and the spring soft color makeup is placed on the face, squinting the light and shadow of the ultra-clean makeup, let the heart infinitely move. LUNASOL2011 spring makeup is like a clear sea surface, with the change of eye waves, soft and colorful makeup and beautiful face.

Lancome Love Lavender

Now, what better can represent the soul of the 1970s than the elegant purple tone of lavender? AaronDeMey reinterprets this popular 70's tone: fresh, earthy, natural, yet warm and elegant. The endless purple scorpion is cold

Among the warm colors, the golden and silver highlights that represent the disco charm reflect each other. The charming dual character and contemporary sense of the heroine are elegantly outlined, while the delicate pink makes the perfect ending for the 70s fashion... the 70s of the United States.

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